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March 20, 2009

2009 National Action

An excerpt about today's action at the National Conference: Today, 600 students are rallying for immigrant rights and comprehensive immigration reform at the Eugene Office of Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio.


The event was organized by the students of MEChA from the University of Oregon chapter and chapters from across the Nation, as well as CAUSA, Oregon's immigrant rights coalition, with the help and support of various UO Departments, PCUN, and Eugene community organizations.

The students are demanding that Congressman Defazio support and prioritize Safe, Humane and Fair Immigration Reform. Because the majority of rally attendees are students, they are demanding that DeFazio also support the Federal DREAM Act which would open the doors of higher education to immigrant students and students of immigrant parents.

The Rally for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Immigrant Rights is taking place from 2:30pm on Courthouse steps outside Peter DeFazio's Office in Eugene. (405 E. 8th Street, Eugene).

SOURCE: http://causaoregon.blogspot.com/2009/03/600-students-rally-for-comprehensive.html

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